Halfling, Rogue


STR: 15 / CON: 12 / DEX: 21 / INT: 14 / WIS: 12 / CHA: 16

AC: 20 / FORT: 15 / REF: 20 / WILL: 16

Speed: 6 / Passive Insight: 14 / Passive Perception: 19

HP: 45

Powers: Piercing Strike, Sly Flourish, Dazing Strike, Topple Over, Blinding Barrage, Fleeting Ghost

Feats: Back Stabber, Improved Initiative, Lost In The Crowd

Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Perception, Stealth, Streetwise, Thievery


Maddigan, is a Halfling rogue. He grew up in a poor but happy family of merchants, along side an older brother and younger sister. It was around his 8th year that he found himself migrating with his family, north across the Sea of Fallen Stars from Turmish. They were in search of more prosperous opportunities in the Thesk region. They gave up nearly everything they owned to buy passage on a ship headed north. It was a big risk.

Nearly two weeks into the voyage, the ship was attacked and boarded by what Maddigan assumed to be pirates. In the chaos, and through the screams of death all around him, he ended up captive on the pirate vessel. He never saw his family again, and assumes them all to be dead.

Maddigan spent only a short amount of time on the pirate vessel. Over the next 5 years he would be traded as a slave too and from a variety of parties. Often finding himself working some of the worst jobs on the ship or in the docks. Finally after landing in the ownership of a stern but kind Dwarven merchant, Profit Manderhoven, he was allowed to pay off his freedom as an indentured servant. In addition to his normal duties on the ship, Maddigan also honed his skills as a fighter. Often defending the ship, alongside the other crew, against pirates and other nautical foes while defending himself in the pubs and alleys.

Manderhoven allowed Maddigan certain amounts of free time when they were docked. Profit believed that a happy worker, worked harder. In nearly all of this free time Maddigan would find himself doing whatever he could to make more money, enough to pay off his debt as quickly as possible. Often times he found himself involved in less than legal affairs. Picking the pockets of pompous merchants, robbing the homes of filthy rich aristocrats, and scamming the privileged, but always sticking to a moral code. He would only steal from those who could afford it. No marks from his own lot.

Finally after 6 years in the service of Profit Manderhoven, Maddigan has paid his debt and is a free man. And that brings us to now… Maddigan standing on the docks at Waterdeep, pack on his back, dagger in his belt, looking for what comes next and most of all, enjoying his new-found freedom.


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