Crossing the Penumbra

14 September 2008 Synopsis

The Woes of Silas Singer

Game time covered: Bhama, the 5th to Mayla, the 7th of Voja, 7408.

The party met with their contact, Leonard Kittle, the blacksmith in the town of Cooper’s Cross. While looking for employment they were refered to Samil, a townsman. He was supposed to cover the watch on the Farhold, but arrived to find it occupied by goblins. He employed the party to clear the place out for 150 gold pieces.

The party suprised the goblins and killed all but one of the occupiers. The surviving goblin returned for reinforcements but planted the seed of fear among his fellows. Upon arriving at the Farhold, the goblins decided on a parley to guage the strength of the party. After talking to Stillheart, they decided Farhold was safest in the possession of the party and that the looting would probably safest and most plentiful elsewhere.

After being relieved of the post by town’s militia, the party went to the local tavern to celebrate the victory. They sponsored an impromptu drinking contest which was just barely won by Soloman Nightblade, the party’s laconic swordsman.

The next morning, the party met Ana Singer who asked them to help her father. They helped her and her mother determine that their pear orchard had been cursed. They then went up to help Silas deal with the attacks upon his sheep flock. They sent Silas and Maddigan with the sheep down to the barn and laid in wait for the attackers. After the fog settled in, the goblins who came to poach the sheep stumbled into the party and a big fight ensued. The party was victorious.

While the larger group at the top of the hill was fending off the main body of the goblins, Silas and Maddigan fought a smaller group who came to the farmhouse and attempted to burn the barn.

When we play again we will begin at daybreak on the 7th, with the party awaking from a much needed rest, reuniting, and looking for clues among the slain as to why the goblins were there.



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